Outdoor Geek – The best German website to provide outdoor survival ideas

Outdoor Geek – The best German website to provide outdoor survival ideas

July 06
23:12 2020

The word Survival is the summation of three words – ‘Never Give Up!’[BEAR GRYLIS], as it is the challenge faced by all individuals in every phases of their lives, it is utmost important to learn how to survive with the at hand things available to us at a particular moment. This situation arrives specially when we are out of our comfort zone, and are debarred of the privileges that we usually get in our homes. Outdoor Geek has the solution for this; it is a popular German Website that comes up with masterly ideas and solutions for the outdoor survival. 

Light energy is a necessary factor in our lives, therefore out of many challenges faced when we are out door, we need to know the tricks of how to make fire without a firing tool, as light has uncountable advantages and can both save us and keep us away from danger. In the cases when we forget to carry the firefighting tools with us it’s always best to know more than one technique to make fire even without tools. Outdoor geek keeps us updated and teaches us ideas that help us to survive even at the adverse conditions outdoors. There are six brilliant ideas provided by our website to make fire when you are not carrying a match.

Techniques of making fire –

  1. Make fire from Tinder: To light with arson, here one need to carry tinder set with sets of dry materials that are easy to catch fire like that of  small pieces or threads of  fibrous rope, balls of cottons soaked in petroleum also works well, Scale kits can also help in this case.  Dry barks of the trees like cedar or birch can be used for scaling. Cattails can also be used as natural scale materials.

  2. With flint and Steel: Flint and steel has always been used for lighting fire. Flint and steel kits are really inexpensive ND can be used with the tinder kits available with cloths. At first a spark is need to be created, then it should be turned into flame with the help of the fleece flattened on the flint. This fine spark on the charmer cloth is enough to be turned into flames. The tinder must be feuded with dry grass, pin straw or twigs.

  3. Lens- It is an age of method for making fire. When rays of the sun converges at a point to catch fire. Here the tinder can be set on fire simply using a magnifying lens by converging the sun rays. 

  4. Alternatives to glass lenses: A balloon or a mirror filled with water can get you the same effects of converging sun rays at a point and setting it into fire. Here it is suggested to use a spherical mirror for better results. In cases where no mirror is also available, glass bottles whose ends are polished with simple chocolate or toothpaste to turn it into mirror like. 

  5. Friction: To make fire without match sticks can be done toying a v-shaped knot in a trunk then by choosing a spindle that causes friction, then by rubbing the hands of the palm, on the spindle, the trunk starts to smoke, it can then be lightened using the glowing spark created.

  6. Making fire when wet: In situations when all match, lighter tinder, and flit steel has got wet. At this situation barks or birch and cedar can be a savior, A few layers of barks should be peeled of, as they are wet, this can help to catch fire with the help of lenses as they are dry.

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