Next Generation of Metaverse App UTOWN really make Ready Player One Possible

Next Generation of Metaverse App UTOWN really make Ready Player One Possible

May 18
23:02 2022


With the concept of metaverse and Web 3.0 spreading worldwide at a skyrocketing speed, Internet giants are all starting to dig deep into the world of metaverse all at once. The Internet industry is quietly undergoing drastic changes. However, only a digital living space with a new social system can be called a “metaverse”, and very few, be it games or sandbox platforms, have managed to make that possible.

Recently, a decentralized, open sandbox community platform named “UTOWN” has risen to prominence to meet the fantasy of Internet users about metaverse. According to an official video released by UTOWN, using novel technologies such as virtual reality (VR), 5G communications, blockchain and cloud calculation, everyone is able to communicate in the virtual world of UTOWN, and even work and live in it.

UTOWN is an online platform that has everything one may need in a community: sandbox games, life simulation, social experience, efficiency and functions. What really stands out about UTOWN among other life simulation products is that the community is built and controlled by everyone in it without a centralized leadership, or it is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as the jargon goes. This way, it allows everyone to build their life however they want, which is also the ultimate purpose that nurtures the idea of UTOWN in the first place.


In contrast to traditional games, UTOWN encompasses a number of new elements. Users are able to enter the UTOWN community in the way of 2D, 3D and VR. The world of UTOWN is gigantic enough to defy anyone’s imagination. One may select a piece of virtual land and make it his place. The world of UTOWN combines user-made content with features provided by the system, like meeting rooms, night clubs, cinemas, game houses for mystery murder games and strategic shooting games, etc.

According to reports, the development of UTOWN will be completed by 2022. All features will be made open along the way. Part of the UTOWN world will be released to the public for beta test in the near future. Users who are interested can follow UTOWN on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Utown_Official to stay tuned for more upcoming events and news.

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