First-ever transparent no-tool vinyl record cover wall display kit launched on Kickstarter

First-ever transparent no-tool vinyl record cover wall display kit launched on Kickstarter

May 18
23:52 2022
Musiwall Kit is an innovative, global, and modular solution for vinyl record cover wall art that assures easier and faster hanging, convenient customization and also no damage to walls.

No more struggles with complicated tools while displaying prized vinyl record covers on walls. No more damage to walls while hanging vinyl covers. A Belgium-based company, Musiwall, is about to launch a breakthrough vinyl record cover wall display kit on Kickstarter that assures no damage to walls. The Musiwall kit is a user-friendly no-tool kit that does not require any kind of tools and promises a faster and more efficient way to display vinyl record covers on walls in as little as 3 minutes.

The campaign is geared to raise around €6,400 within the middle quarter of June 2022.

The unique Musiwall kit introduces the First transparent wall display that is innovatively designed to bring vinyl records to life- and that too with minimal effort.

“We are excited to bring to you our innovative Musiwall vinyl record cover wall display kit that will make display of vinyl record covers on walls easier, faster, and safer than ever. Those who have a knack of displaying iconic vinyl record covers on walls know about the complicated tool work that goes behind it. Also, these record covers can hurt your walls during installation and switching, say, when you want to replace an existing cover with a new one. This is where our unique Musiwall kit comes to help”, stated Julien, the founder of Musiwall.

“Our kit comes with a breezy modular structure that will enable you to customize your walls with vinyl record covers in a snap- as many times and whenever you wish to.”

One Musiwall kit caters to 4 vinyl record covers. Every kit is armed with all necessary materials required to flaunt classy vinyl covers on walls and that too without causing damage  to the walls. Interestingly, the Musiwall kit is compatible with a broad range of surfaces, including drywalling, brick, wallpaper, painted walls, and so on. 

Top features of Musiwall kit

  • Transparent Nano-Tech Adhesive– Musiwall kit comes with  cutting-edge fasteners that attach tightly to the walls with the help of the kit’s state-of-the-art wall-safe adhesive. The adhesive can be removed easily when users feel like altering the display style.
  • Invisible clips– Not only these advanced invisible clips are both durable and gentle on the walls but they also create a unique floating-kind of visual to bring more attention to the vinyl covers.
  • Super-accurate measuring chart– The Musiwall Kit is armed with an innovative measuring chart with exact cut-outs that assure most accurate spacing in between multiple vinyl cover displays on walls.
  • Easy slip-in and slip-out– The kit’s convenient slip-in and slip-out design enables fast and easy changing of vinyl covers, preventing risks of damage to the walls.

Top benefits of Musiwall kit

  • Super-easy way to hang and display vinyl record covers on walls
  • Does not require tools
  • Installation can be done in 3 minutes
  • Modular design allows convenient switch and customization
  • No damage to walls
  • Easily compatible with different surfaces

Musiwall kit has received rave reviews from early batch of users –

“It was super easy to nicely display 8 albums in my studio. Fast & clean!” – Thomas

“The perfect solution to storage your vinyl and still listen them whenever you want” – Marie

“Our unique Musiwall kit is not just about displaying vinyl record covers on walls but it’s also about enabling you to express your rich taste in music in the most elegant way possible. To make things more convenient and efficient, our kit has taken care of all the glitches you generally face with hanging your prized vinyl record covers on the walls. Currently, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your proactive support will enable us to bring the Musiwall Kit to life and enable us to make the whole process of hanging vinyl covers easier, quicker, and safer than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Musiwall Kit. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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