Shelby Frenette’s Travel Agency Sets New Standards of Success with Innovative Programs

September 22
07:34 2023
Shelby Frenette's Travel Agency Sets New Standards of Success with Innovative Programs

Shelby Frenette’s travel agency, www.TravelFun.Biz, has not only survived the challenges posed by Covid-19 but is now thriving in the post-pandemic era, thanks to her decades of experience in social media marketing and her commitment to empowering her agents with these invaluable skills. Shelby originally targeted a specific travel niche of singles and solo travelers, but her agency’s remarkable success has led to a strategic expansion and rebranding as a Groups specialist in the Luxury Travel market. This successful transition is firmly rooted in the agency’s cutting-edge Social Media Marketing Training for its agents.

Shelby Frenette’s journey to success began with a visionary focus on singles and solo travelers. Her extensive background in social media marketing allowed her to strategically target and engage with this audience, propelling her agency to the forefront of the travel industry. As the world emerged from the pandemic, Shelby took a bold step by broadening her agency’s horizons and embracing the luxury group travel market. Her agency’s ability to seamlessly pivot its focus and excel in this competitive sector is a testament to the effectiveness of the Social Media Marketing Training provided to her agents.

Operating alongside her husband, Joel Frenette, an IT project management veteran with decades of experience, Shelby leads a team of 19 dedicated travel advisors. This dynamic duo, whose love story began on the high seas while working aboard cruise ships, have successfully transitioned into the role of travel agency owners. Their shared passion for travel and complementary skills have been the driving force behind www.TravelFun.Biz’s success, projecting sales of over $1 million for the current year.

At the heart of this success story lies Shelby’s pioneering Travel Agent Training Program, which has equipped her advisors with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the travel industry. This program’s effectiveness is further underscored by its recent award nomination. Shelby’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement led to the development of the Social Media Marketing Training program, enabling her agents to harness the power of digital platforms to attract clients and cultivate a loyal following.

The agency’s most recent innovation is the newly developed Travel Influencer Affiliate Program. This forward-thinking initiative leverages the influence of travel enthusiasts on social media to drive business growth. By partnering with travel influencers, Shelby’s agency has created a mutually beneficial ecosystem where influencers promote luxury group travel experiences to their engaged audiences, generating unparalleled success for both influencers and the agency.

Shelby Frenette’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation has set a new standard for the travel industry. Her agency’s rapid growth and unwavering success serve as an inspiration for travel entrepreneurs navigating the ever-changing landscape of the post-pandemic world. With the Travel Agent Training Program, Social Media Marketing Training, and the Travel Influencer Affiliate Program, www.TravelFun.Biz continues to lead the industry, shaping the future of travel and influencer partnerships.

About Shelby Frenette and www.TravelFun.Biz:

Shelby Frenette, along with her husband Joel Frenette, has leveraged their decades of combined experience to establish www.TravelFun.Biz. The agency specializes in luxury group travel experiences and now operates as a specialist in the Luxury Travel market. Through award-nominated programs like the Travel Agent Training Program, Social Media Marketing Training, and the innovative Travel Influencer Affiliate Program, Shelby has positioned her agency as a pioneer in the travel industry, achieving remarkable success and recognition.

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