Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Renowned for Aggressively Defending Clients’ Rights

June 01
15:37 2023
Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian are the leading criminal defense attorneys in Collin County, Texas, with a proven record of getting results that matter.

People charged with any crime in Texas face consequences that can negatively impact their entire life and that of their loved ones. Fortunately, the judicial system guarantees the rights of criminal defendants as defined in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution. At this difficult and stressful juncture, they must seek legal representation with the competence to safeguard their rights.

Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian, the premier firm of criminal defense lawyers from Collin County, has a dedicated team of attorneys who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in navigating the complexity of the laws. The firm strongly believes in upholding the principles of the justice system and provides highly proficient legal services to individuals facing criminal charges to protect their rights, freedom, and reputation.

DWI charges in Texas are severe, and if convicted, a broad array of penalties can affect the individual’s life for months and years. They include steep fines, jail time, a suspended driver’s license, and a criminal record. Texas practices the “ThreeStrike Rule,” meaning DWI convictions are generally a misdemeanor for the first and second DWI, but the third will be a felony. It can leave a long-term impact on the reputation, rights, finances, career, housing situation, and emotional well-being of the person convicted.

The Collin County criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced and competent and have successfully handled several DWI and a wide range of other criminal cases—some very high profile. These include drug offenses, theft, assault, domestic violence, white-collar crimes, and more. Their unwavering faith in providing a strong defense and fair trial to their clients has earned them a reputation as formidable defenders and reliable allies for their clients.

They take a personalized and compassionate approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique circumstances and build a strong defense strategy tailored to their specific needs. The attorneys leave no stone unturned in investigating the facts, gathering evidence, and challenging the prosecution’s case to achieve the best possible outcome.

The founding partner, Jeremy Rosenthal, was a prosecutor before establishing the firm. He uses this experience and insight to provide a comprehensive defense for the firm’s clients effectively and has received prestigious recognition from Texas Super Lawyers. Along with his team of dynamic and award-winning partners and attorneys, the firm has built an enviable reputation for success in their cases, with awards for The Best Firm/Attorney in McKinney.

The firm’s attorneys maintain open and transparent communication with clients, ensuring they are well-informed about the progress of their cases throughout the legal process and provide guidance and support at every step of the way. Positive reviews from countless clients attest to the effectiveness and professionalism of Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian.

The firm maintains strong professional relationships within the industry and is well-versed with the local court system, permitting it to negotiate favorable resolutions for its clients. Should litigation become necessary, the firm is known for its formidable trial advocacy skills to protect the client’s rights.

Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian offers a beacon of hope and a steadfast defense for individuals in Collin County facing criminal charges. With its attorneys’ skill, experience, and commitment to justice, it is the firm of choice for those seeking effective and compassionate criminal defense representation.

About the Firm: 

Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian is a top-notch criminal defense law firm located in McKinney, Texas. With years of experience, the firm’s attorneys offer free, confidential consultation and provide personalized and effective legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges ensuring their rights are protected throughout the legal process. The impressive track record of the Collin County lawyers with a wide range of criminal cases proves their knowledge, skill, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes through clever defense strategies and tireless advocacy.

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